Packaging, Warehousing, Distribution & Innovation Centre

Accolade Wines’ manufacturing facility in the UK, The Park, is a certified carbon neutral and multi-award winning bottling facility, employing almost 500 people and producing 25 million 9L case equivalents of wine each year. Sending zero waste to landfill and using only 100% renewable electricity; with 50% supplied from a 2.5MW on-site wind turbine; The Park strives to continuously seek out opportunities to reduce its impact on the planet, supporting the Accolade Wines sustainability agenda.

Exterior view of The Park with windmill and buildings

The Park boasts a state-of-the-art manufacturing hall and blending plant that has packaged over 2 billion bottles since opening in 2009. Comprised of three high speed bottling lines, three bag-in-box lines, a canning line and pouch filler, it produces at a rate of a million bottles and 150,000 bags every day. Supporting the manufacturing hall are the recipe creation and quality labs; where in line with recent trends The Park can design, produce and pack low and no alcohol products. Whilst expertise, innovation and advanced technology are used in our quality laboratory to implement rigorous testing for exceptional products.

Parked forklift in interior packing warehouse

Leaders in technology

The Park has an impressive 80,000 pallet warehouse featuring automated guided vehicles, the largest Toyota supplied automated fleet in Europe. With the latest warehouse management system, scanning equipment and internal processes, The Park has delivered a stock accuracy of 99.99% for the past 10 years.
two men looking a bottle in a quality testing machine

Operational excellence

The Park is focused on delivering operational excellence and outstanding quality. This is delivered through a bespoke model, ensuring that all operational activity strategically aligns, whilst developing talented and engaged people to deliver sustainable improvement and value in the eyes of the customer.

Being at the forefront of innovation and the operation of end-to-end quality management of key characteristics, enable our facility to deliver world-leading oxygen control of 0.1ppm from tank to bottle and wine loss of 0.3%.
Three woman, two seated, listening to an oral presentation

Centre for innovation

At the heart of The Park is an on-site dedicated innovation centre, the ideal showcase for market-leading product innovation and design, facilitating the speed of decision making and agility that sets The Park apart from its competitors.

Europe’s largest wine warehouse and distribution centre

Filling 1,200 bottles per minute

Carbon net neutral, sending zero waste to landfill

Four-time MX Sustainable Manufacturer of the Year