The launch of Hardys new range of bold rich reds, aged in charred oak barrels, Char No.3, underpins the brand’s vision to grow the $20-$35 wine segment and assist in appealing to consumers’ desire to purchase more premium, regional reds for a more unique drinking experience.

Premium wine in the $20-$35 category continues to show strong growth in Australia, growing at $36M MAT1. In the same time frame, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon blends account for 60% of the $20-$35 segment, fueled by consumers’ aspiration to purchase wines at a higher price point that reflect quality and craftsmanship.

Andrew Stark, General Manager – Marketing and Category ANZP at Accolade Wines, said that consumers in this segment are aspiring to drink more bold and complex wines that reflect a unique tasting and visual experience from consumer-led winemaking innovation.

“Launching Char No.3 is an important part of encouraging new consumers to the brand who are looking for more approachable wines from premium producers who are ready to take the next step in their wine journey. It will help give them the confidence to try more premium wine and to further develop their appreciation for these classic varieties.

“In the red wine category, consumers are looking for more innovative wines that offer something new and different, showcasing creativity and craft. The fermentation of the wines in charred oak barrels display fantastic varietal characters of cassis, chocolate and mocha, offering a unique tasting profile that will attract more high potentials and engaged consumers towards the brand.

“The distinct characteristics and deep complexity of the wine offer enhanced flavours and aromas of traditional varieties that have been aged in charred in No.3 oak barrels, revealing a subtle toasty flavour and smooth finish that reflect Hardys pioneering winemaking techniques,” said Stark.

The Char No.3 packaging has been designed to reflect its contemporary positioning. The tapered bottle enhances the premium and masculine appeal and the distinctive label helps to create intrigue and stand out on shelf.

The artwork adorning the label on the bottle was created by artist Steven Spazuk, who captured the spiritual element of fire and smoke that offers consumers an augmented reality by taking them on a journey to discover the story of craftsmanship behind the bold and rich wine aged in charred oak barrels.

Hardys will be supporting the launch of Char No.3 nationally with a through-the-line marketing campaign. This will focus on driving trial awareness amongst the target market, predominately through digital and in-store activations.

Premium neck tags and display tags will help Hardys stand out on shelf and provide education and information to consumers.


Hardys Char No.3 Shiraz 2018 – RRP: $26.00

Rich vibrant dark fruits of blackberry, plum and black cherries balanced by the generous rich texture of charred
oak barrels and velvety tannins. Layered use of French oak adding to the roundness and complexity of the wine.

Hardys Char No.3 Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 – RRP: $26.00

Rich notes of red currants, plum with thyme and savoury ground spice. Bold tannins and complexity balanced
with incredible length.

1 Source: IRI AZTEC Australia Off-Premise, $ Value MAT 17/-3/17

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