Accolade Wines. Extraordinary, Always.

To be extraordinary is to go beyond the expected.

At Accolade Wines, that is something we’ve been doing from inception. Today, we continue to build on the heritage of some of Australia’s oldest wine brands, and seek to be extraordinary in everything that we do, from grape to glass, every day.

We are creating something special here at Accolade Wines and we will continue to strive for extraordinary. To achieve more. Every day.

a woman walks through a vineyard with a bucket of grapes

World-Class People

We have world-class talent at Accolade Wines with an unparalleled leadership team and some of the most highly awarded winemakers at the helm. With over 1,000 dedicated employees in Australia, the UK, Europe, Asia, South Africa, New Zealand and North and South America, it is our teamwork that sets us apart.
House of Arras winemaker Ed Carr stands in a vineyard

Excellence from Grape to Glass

We are a global premium wine and spirits company, producing some of the world’s most-loved brands such as Hardys, Echo Falls, Grant Burge, St Hallett and House of Arras.

Our operations span the entire spectrum, from wine supply & production to sales, marketing and distribution. Through our relentless innovation, global sustainability, and partners we engage with, we deliver industry leading performance and service to our customers.
Old black and white photograph of man lifting barrel of wine

A Proud Heritage Since 1836

From the establishment of the Houghton property in 1836 and the founding of Hardys in 1853, we are the custodians of a proud heritage. Today, we continue to build on that heritage and seek to be extraordinary in everything that we do. From the roots of our history, we have evolved into a global premium wine and spirits company, producing some of the world’s best-known brands.
Two men standing in front of vines inspecting grapes

Our Global Business

Headquartered in Australia, we have operations in every continent, delivering quality wine to 130 countries around the world. Our global sourcing footprint allows us to access grape and bulk wine supply from internationally recognised regions in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, South Africa, South America and the United States.