In our role as environmental stewards, we seek to address climate risk & opportunity, optimise operational waste, and conserve water systems.

Read more about our commitments in our Global Environmental Policy.

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Addressing Climate Risk & Opportunity

We have already achieved huge milestones within Climate Risk: the majority of our brands sold in the EU and UK are carbon neutral, and we are undertaking a carbon emissions audit across all operations globally. We have ambitious targets to do more.
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Optimising Operational Waste

We are undertaking a review of operational waste streams for reduction and value creation opportunities. We already have achieved 98% landfill avoidance across Australian vineyards and wineries.
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Conserving Water Systems

As an Australian headquartered business, we understand the importance of conserving water systems in the work we do. Several Accolade Wines operations are currently on track to achieve water neutrality and our Banrock Station water and wildlife conservation project is an industry leader.

Our stewardship

Across our wineries, operational sites, office locations, and the communities we work in, we’re taking an active role in addressing climate risk & opportunity, optimising operational waste, and conserving water systems.

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Sustainable Brands

We are creating sustainable brands by fostering a world class moderation and appreciation culture, advancing circular economy packaging, and creating a more sustainable supply chain.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

The majority of Accolade Wines’ brands sold in the EU and UK have been certified carbon neutral by the Carbon Trust since 2020. Read how we’re reducing our carbon impact.