We are empowering people by creating inclusive environments, prioritising safety & wellbeing, and realising the potential of people within our business, industry and communities.

Dark haired woman picking grapes from vine on a sunny day

Inclusive Environment

Our vision is to be an inclusive workplace, as diverse as the customers, consumers, and communities we work with.

Our Diversity & Inclusion strategy “Power of People” embeds best practice D&I initiatives across our recruitment processes, includes policies to support our team, and prioritise education and training with all our people.
a man in orange high vis shows a woman in yellow high vis how to operate machinery

Prioritising Safety & Wellbeing

We put the safety & wellbeing of our people as a core priority in our business.

The Accolade Wines Zero Harm program supports our safety operational targets, and we continue to build on best practice initiatives to support the physical and mental wellbeing of our people.
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Realising People’s Potential

In our ambition to Realise People’s Potential, we are working to maintain our high-performance employee engagement score above 80% while supporting the communities in which we work.

Sustainable Brands

We are creating sustainable brands by fostering a world class moderation and appreciation culture, advancing circular economy packaging, and creating a more sustainable supply chain.

Environmental Stewardship

In our role as environmental stewards, we seek to address climate risk & opportunity, optimise operational waste, and conserve water systems.