We have world-class talent at Accolade Wines with an unparalleled leadership team and some of the most highly awarded winemakers at the helm. With over 1,000 dedicated employees across the world, it is our teamwork that sets us apart.

We seek to be the workplace where world-class people are excited to come to work every day and want to be a part of our future.

accolade wine ceo robert foye stands on a street with his arms crossed

Our Leadership Team

Our Executive Leadership Team brings world-class industry experience, passion and an enduring commitment to innovation to ensure Accolade Wines leads the way in delivering outstanding quality service to our Customers and Consumers.
two winemakers hold glasses in a wine cellar

World-Class Winemakers

We have some of the most highly awarded winemakers who have excelled in their field for many decades. Worldly experience, attention to detail, passion and commitment combine to ensure all our wines – from everyday drinking to the very best of what we have to offer – are treated with care and respect.

Our world-class winemaking teams are consistently investigating new methods to make our wines the most sustainable and exciting wines in the world.

A Proud Heritage Since 1836

From the establishment of the Houghton property in 1836 and the founding of Hardys in 1853, we are the custodians of a proud heritage.

Excellence from Grape to Glass

We are a global premium wine and spirits company with expertise extending from grape to glass, producing some of the world’s most-loved brands.