We are creating sustainable brands through fostering a world-class moderation and appreciation culture; advancing circular economy packaging across the business; and working with our suppliers to create a more sustainable supply chain.

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Moderation & Appreciation

It is our target to build a world-class moderation and appreciation culture.

We are doing this through educating and training our people, industry and communities; new product development innovations such as our low and no alcohol products, smaller portion sizes; messaging on pack; as well as partnerships such as those with DrinkAware in the UK and DrinkWise in Australia.
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Circular Economy Packaging

98% of all our packaging across Australia and Europe is already recyclable.

Our vision is that all our packaging from grape to glass will be made with as much recycled content as is widely available in each market.
an driverless electric forklift moves a pallet of wine in a big warehouse

Supply Chain Innovation

We are working with our suppliers to drive more sustainable outcomes including the removal of single-use plastics and support all our sustainability targets, resulting in a more sustainable supply chain.

Australian Packaging Covenant

Accolade Wines is a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO), a sustainable packaging initiative which aims to change the culture of business by designing more sustainable packaging, increasing recycling rates and reducing packaging litter.

Empowered People

We are empowering people by creating inclusive environments, prioritising safety & wellbeing, and realising the potential of people within our business, industry and communities.

Environmental Stewardship

In our role as environmental stewards, we seek to address climate risk & opportunity, optimise operational waste, and conserve water systems.