Production, Packaging, Warehouse and Distribution Centre

Accolade Wines’ Berri Estates winery is the largest grape processor in the Southern Hemisphere, crushing around 220,000 tonnes of grapes annually; around a third of South Australia’s entire crush.

The facility exports over 100 million litres of wine around the world annually and over six and a half million litres of that wine is delivered to the UK every month. Berri Estates employs 265 permanent staff and up to 415 individuals over the busy harvest period.

Boasting a storage capacity of over 263 million litres, with 1,500 tanks on-site and three automated production lines, Berri can produce up to 85,000 casks a day.

Berri is the largest cask manufacturing facility in Australia and produces approximately 60 million litres per year, almost half of all casks sold in Australia. Berri is able to produce 1.5L, 2L, 3L, 4L, 5L & 10L casks.

A drone shot of Berri Estates winery from above

In late 2019 Accolade Wines completed a significant investment in Packaging and Warehousing at Berri Estates. This $50M investment has enabled state of the art facilities that produces in excess of 8 million 9LE cases across glass and cask. In addition, an automated warehouse utilising automated guided vehicles (AGV’s) has been completed. In 2021, Accolade invested a further $28M into the site to further enhance its Sparkling Wine capability through in-house bottling. A true investment into regional South Australia.

Largest grape processor in the Southern Hemisphere

One of the biggest employers in The Riverland

Six million cases of cask packaged annually

1,500 tanks and over 263 million litres storage capacity