Accolade Wines UK Gender Pay Gap 2021 Report

From 2017 under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017, UK employers with 250 or more employees are required to report annually on the gender pay gap in the following key metrics:

  1. Difference in Mean and Median Hourly Pay
  2. Difference in Mean and Median Bonus
  3. Proportion of male and female employees who received bonus pay
  4. The numbers of male and females in each quartile

Our 2021 Gender Pay gap report provides the outcomes of the key metrics for our UK workforce.

Power of People: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Accolade Wines

We want all our people to feel safe and happy at work, irrespective of gender, age, sexual orientation, ability, or cultural background.

More diverse perspectives and thinking also drives better partnerships with industry, suppliers, customers, and the communities in which we work, delivering superior end products for our consumers all around the world.

It is our vision to be an inclusive workplace, as diverse as the customers, consumers and communities we work with.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is a key focus topic for the business and sits under the ‘Empowered People’ pillar in our Making Every Drop Count sustainability strategy.

The three strategic pillars of our strategy are:

  1. Create a diverse workforce
  2. Build an inclusive workplace
  3. Positively impact our community

Accolade Wines employee base in the UK

Accolade Wines is a global employer, with over 1400 people worldwide and 484 employees in the UK.

The gender split of our non-industrial workforce is 54% male, 46% female. However, within our industrial workforce, the gender split is predominantly male at 97%. This impacts our overall gender split at 73% male, 27% female representation.

Difference in Mean and Median Hourly Pay

Our mean and median hourly pay gap data in 2021 both state that females are being paid more than males. The factors impacting this is that more females are in more senior positions this year and that the size of our industrial workforce is predominantly male.

  • The mean gender pay gap for Accolade Wines is -15%
  • The median gender pay gap for Accolade Wines is -24.6%

Difference in Mean and Median Bonus

The fluctuation in the payment of bonuses is impacted by several internal and external factors, including payment of pro-rata bonuses for new employees and newly promoted employees, under representation of females at senior levels and impact of company and divisional performance. Bonus payments are not adjusted for part time employees, where females are over-represented compared to males.

  • The mean gender pay gap using bonus pay for Accolade Wines is 28.42%
  • The median gender pay gap using bonus pay for Accolade Wines is 59.63%

Proportion of male and female employees who received bonus pay

The proportion of females receiving a bonus payment is higher than males as it reflects the large proportion of male employees in our industrial workforce, who do not participate in any bonus scheme.

  Males Females
Bonus paid 29.8% 49.6%


Proportion of women and men according to quartile pay bands:

This metric segments males and females into four equal pay quartiles with 121 employees in each quartile. Our data is consistent across all our four quartiles reflecting our gender pay gap.

Quartile Males Females
Lower quartile 73.3% 26.7%
Lower middle quartile 87.5% 12.5%
Upper middle quartile 73.1% 26.9%
Upper quartile 58.0% 42.%


I confirm that the data reported is accurate as of 5 April 2021.

At the time of filing this report in April 2022, we launched our new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion global strategy providing an overview on how we plan to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace. We have also launched new initiatives to support all our people including our Global Dynamic Working Policy, Go Beyond Day to spend a day contributing to the local community or charitable cause, Summer Hours and Wellbeing initiatives. We look forward to further embedding this work to support our people in the coming year.

Anjanette Murfet

Chief People & Communications Officer

Accolade Wines Limited is required by law to carry out Gender Pay Reporting under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017. The report relates to our UK employees only.


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