The Banrock Station Environmental Trust was established in 1995 to re-invest profits from the sale of wines from our brand ‘Banrock Station’ into environmental projects around the world.

The commitment to date exceeds AUD$7.5 million for 130+ projects in 13 countries and the work invested has seen the wetlands return to a thriving ecosystem of approximately 1,500 hectares of lagoons, flood plains and native woodlands.

Kangaroo spotted in vineyard area

As well as the local area, the Trust also supports internationally and nationally recognised conservation organisations to further their objectives in tackling global environmental issues such as climate change, water conservation, ecosystem loss and species loss.

These conservation projects have included returning salmon to rivers in Canada, otter protection in Denmark, bee recovery in the UK, supporting the Mai Po Wetlands in Hong Kong and backing the American Forests’ campaign to preserve the whitebark pine in the US. The Trust has also contributed AUD$750,000 to WWF Australia research to identify threats to endangered turtles on the Great Barrier Reef.