Accolade Wines understands the importance of effectively managing Health and Safety risks that may result from its activities. It is committed to ensuring, so far as is reasonably practicable the health, safety and welfare at work of all employees, labour hire, contractors, subcontractors, volunteers, visitors and members of the public including external/internal issues.

It is the continuing policy of Accolade Wines to strive for performance beyond legal requirements and best practice within its own operations and those of its supply chain. Such an achievement of consistency and high quality necessitates a systematic and disciplined approach to ensure the health & safety of its employees and others affected by its works is not compromised.

Accolade Wines management system identifies the policies and commitments of the company and is fully supported and approved by the company Directors and management who are responsible for implementing the policy and associated procedures; it defines the management, organisation and business practices responsible for the aims and achievement of the company.

It is the duty and responsibility of all employees to:

• Ensure that this policy and associated safety rules / instructions are obeyed and enforced.
• Make themselves aware at all times of the likely hazards they may encounter, the impacts of their work
and working areas in which hazards/impacts may be reasonably foreseen.
• Adopt safe conscientious methods of working so not to endanger themselves, any other employee or
any person who may be affected in any way by their work.
• Be accountable for their own safety, the safety of others and their area of responsibility.
• Proactively report hazards and events where safety has been placed at risk and take action to
remove or resolve the risk.
• Not knowingly create situations where safety is compromised.
• Support enhanced safety through hazard identification and risk assessment management.
Accolade Wines strive:
• To ensure all activities, products, services and supply chain partners comply with current relevant
legislation/other requirements and that these requirements are properly observed and implemented.
• To ensure that this policy, goals and intentions and supporting management system documentation is
understood, implemented, maintained and effectively communicated at all levels of the organisation
including interested parties.
• To create a framework for setting and reviewing measurable objectives and targets, in order to
monitor performance, identify risks and opportunities to achieve continual improvement of health &
safety standards.
• To provide safe and healthy working conditions to reduce/prevent hazards and risks so not to cause
injury or ill health as a result of its activities.
• To communicate, consult, educate and engage its workforce and empower employees in the
achievement of goals to reducing health and safety risks and promoting a positive safety culture.
• To ensure records are obtained and stored for activities which effect Health and safety.
• To provide adequate internal and/or external resources to enable the effective implementation and
operation of this policy.

This policy is communicated to all employees of Accolade Wines via the intranet and will be made available on the company’s website for all interested parties to access.

Robert Foye

Chief Executive Officer