As the world becomes more eco-conscious, 9/10 consumers expect businesses to do more than just turn a profit, seeking brands that deliver sustainable and environmental solutions and over a third are willing to pay more for an ecofriendly product.1

Over the past 20 years, South Australian wine pioneers Banrock Station has been committed to environmental causes, contributing over $6 million to projects that help conserve the planet. Now, to further its sustainability endeavours, reduce the use of unnecessary herbicides and supply the ever-growing consumer demand for vegan wines, Banrock Station’s core wine range will be evolving to 100% vegan starting with its Shiraz, Cabernet Merlot and Crimson Cabernet available in bottle from September 2020, and in cask from December 2020.

Renowned for its full-flavoured, fruit driven wines, Banrock Station crafts wines with some of the world’s greatest grape varieties. Alongside more traditional flavours, the winemaking team also put a twist on these varieties for modern palates; and the new vegan-friendly wines will be no different. As part of the brand’s introduction of vegan-friendly wines, Banrock Station is rolling out its new Every Drop Matters campaign to provide consumers assurance that they are purchasing great tasting, value for money wines whilst supporting vital conservation projects in Australia.

Banrock Station winemaker Paul Burnett explains, “We’re committed to conserving our planet at Banrock Station and we’re always observing ways to extend our environmental practices. The move to vegan wines is a great achievement that we’re looking forward to sharing as we know that Every Drop Matters. Not only are Banrock Station wines environmentally friendly, every purchase is an easy way for wine lovers to contribute to the preservation of the planet.”

Since 1996, Banrock Station Trust has contributed to over 130 projects across 13 countries which includes protecting turtles in the Great Barrier Reef to supporting polar bear and orangutan rehabilitation. In addition, the Banrock Station Wetlands in the Riverland is funded from the profits of Banrock Station providing habitat to thousands of animals and birds as well as playing an important part of the water health of the Murray River.

The Ramsar accredited Banrock Station Wetlands site covers 1600 hectares featuring wetland, floodplain woodland and mallee ecosystems, acting as home to hundreds of species of plants and animals. By mimicking the natural wet and dry cycles, this helps ensure the health of the wetland and floodplain forests, which rely on the wet and dry seasons to thrive, as well as encourages the return of native birds, fish and flora.

Located next to the wetlands, Banrock Station’s Cellar Door also incorporates the winery’s environmental philosophy. Built using the latest environmental building development, the Cellar Door and Wetland complex uses;

  • Stabilised rammed earth construction, using regional soil, steel framing and sustainably sourced timbers
  • A building layout, orientation, materials and insulation designed to maintain comfort in the building by natural means
  • Rainwater collection to supplement water supply

Paul continues, “With over 20 years’ experience and millions of dollars donated to environmental causes, the Banrock Station team is proud to continue our efforts to produce full flavoured Australian wines of varietal integrity whilst showing our utmost respect for the origins of the ingredients.”

Banrock Station vegan-friendly wines (Shiraz, Cabernet Merlot and Crimson Cabernet) are available in 750ml and 1L bottles from October 2020 from an RRP of $10.00, and in 2L cask from December 2020 at RRP $16.00, in major and independent retailer channels nationally. The rest of the core range will transition to vegan from Vintage 2021 with the addition of new lighter style varietals.

1 *Source: Roy Morgan; ABS; IRI Shopper Panel Survey 2018 and 2019; Lightspeed/Mintel, “White spirits and RTDs” report, UK, January 2020

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