Accolade Wines strives to create conditions where all stakeholders, including employees, management, suppliers and distributors, share our collective responsibility for maintaining the highest standards of safety and product quality.

Our strategic approach to preventing loss, damage and injury is to make product quality and safety an essential and integral part of management accountability.

This includes every employee and contractor on company premises accepting that product quality and safety is a key responsibility and therefore a pre-requisite in the planning of all activities.

To achieve this, we ensure that targets for all work groups and appropriate managers are counted as part of overall performance evaluations, alongside mandatory training in product quality and safety management systems.

We also strive to deliver a consultative process between management, employees and contractors with the view to maintaining management systems that promote continuous improvement.

Accolade Wines intends to meet these commitments by ensuring work practices and procedures are adopted that comply with or exceed the requirements of all Acts, Regulations, Australian Standards, UK Health and Safety regulations, European Health and Safety legislation and other statutory provisions governing the environment, product quality and Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare. You can read more about our approach in our Occupational Health and Safety Policy.

Employees working and adhering to safety practices