Established 1988

The Grant Burge brand is built on a foundation of devotion to the land and progressive winemaking techniques, to craft a progressive and varied portfolio of wines that encourage people to explore and share in the generosity that is Grant Burge.

The breadth of the Grant Burge range is wide-ranging, from big bold Barossa reds, to sparkling, whites and fortifieds. The winemaking style that links them is a commitment to enhancing flavour, generosity and drinkability.

Close up image of a Grant Burge branded wine glass being filled with red wine

Key Wines

Product shot of Grant Burge Icon Wines

Icon Wines

Icon Wines

The flagship range within the portfolio and only produced in years of exceptional quality, including Meshach Shiraz which holds an outstanding classification from Langtons.

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Sparkling Range

Sparkling Range

Grant Burge Pinot Noir Chardonnay NV continues to be one of Australia’s leading domestic sparkling wines over $20. This range has extended to include a Rose, Prosecco and Prosecco Rose.

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We challenged ourselves to re-think how wine is traditionally made. The result was a vibrant, generous and opulent wine, with a colour so dark, it's almost ink.

View across the Hardys vineyard on a sunny day


The story of Grant Burge is one of the past, the present, and the future.

The Burge’s began as a family of devoted vignerons. For five generations, they spent their days toiling the land, understanding the soil and from it growing grapes that would become the most luxurious of wines.

In 1865, Meshach Burge installed fermenting tanks in one of his sheds, simply wanting to share wine with his friends and family. Out of his generosity, came what is today the Grant Burge brand, built on this foundation of devotion and sharing, and a drive to consistently exceed expectations.
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With a varied portfolio, the winemaking ethos is to always give more than what’s expected, with each tier of the portfolio continuously exceeding expectations. Stemming from this abundance mindset is our openness in our approach to the future.

By staying true to our heritage but remaining unbound by existing norms, we relentlessly pursue avenues to evolution. We use our intrinsic knowledge of the land and winemaking to produce our deep portfolio of wines, encourage everyone to explore and share in the spirit that is Grant Burge.